Eye Care

Eye Care

We all want clear and glowing skin and achieving a clear eye area is another myth. In our day-to-day full working life, we always forget to care about ourselves. The result of this is dull skin, dark circles, puffy eyes, etc. Don’t worry Henua Eye Care is crafted with ayurvedic wisdom for healthy under-eye skin. The cold-press oil goes deep in your skin roots and heals damaged cells for healthy skin. It rolls off fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess. Repairs delicate skin and improves contour. Two drops twice a day will give you flaunting and clear under the eye.

More About the product :

Used For: +

Henua Eye Care is used to free your eye skin from irregular sagging and puffiness. The eye care gets absorbed easily by the roots and heals dark circles and wrinkles caused due to lack of sleep, on-screen for hours, etc.

How to use: +

— Take two drops on your fingertips and apply them gently under the eye area

— Let the oil get absorbed by your skin and you can sit and relax

— . For effective results use it twice a day and leave it overnight.

Aroma: +

— The Oil acquires its aroma from the blend of 16 different essential oils without any added synthetic scent

— The natural fragrance of the oil may wither away with time but that will not affect the effectiveness of the oil.

Ingredients Decoded +

Henua Eye Care is prepared with ayurvedic wisdom of 16 cold-pressed and organic oils.

The Key Ingredients in the Henua Eye Care

Almond Oil: Almond Oil is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that gives the ability to the skin to generate new skin cells. The oil prevents the damage and increases the ability to lock the moisture. Fatty acid present in the oil protects your skin from sun damage

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is known in every household for its properties. It is the salve that helps in keeping your skin moist and germ-free. Oil goes deep in your skin cells and repairs chapped skin

Fennel Oil: Fennel Oil is rich in Vitamin C and is incredible for everyday skincare routine. The oil reduces cellular damage and gives an even tone to your skin.

Saffron and Sandalwood Oil: Saffron and Sandalwood Oils are rich in anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. The oils tend to cleanse the skin from the roots and give a better skin tone. The oil also heals fine lines and dark circles.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is a small factory of ayurvedic wisdom being passed on ancient times. The oil is easy and non-greasy that gets absorbed easily and hydrates your skin deeply. The gentle nature of oil soothes dry skin

Lavender Oil: The oil is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that repairs skin and gives natural protection against free-radical damage.

Cardamom Oil: Cardamom is known as Elaichi in India and its Essential Oil has the properties to uplift and energize you. The oil increases the breathing ability of your skin and helps it with fine lines and dark circles.

Cucumber Oil: Cucumber oil is rich in antioxidant and oleic acid present in it is part of omega 6 family. The oil increases the blood circulation around the eyes which reduces puffiness and prevents fine lines and it also strengthens the cells.

Turmeric Oil and German Chamomile Oil: Both the oils are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help in getting rid of inflammation and swelling under the eyes and fade away the dark circles.



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Henua Indida

100% Organic & Ayurvedic We have our roots in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian plant-based healing system, and follow the Ayurvedic Bhaishajyas (texts).